ECE opens the Amsterdam Stock Exchange: Erasmus alumni help young entrepreneurs to grow

25 October 2018
Since this year the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Erasmus Trustfonds collaborate to help the next generation entrepreneurs grow. Selected entrepreneurs from the startup programme of the ECE are supported in a new scale-up programme. In this programme doing business and opening up the network of the Erasmus University Rotterdam are key. That doing business is a central theme isn’t surprising if you take into account the over a century old history of the university that is also founded by entrepreneurs.

The AEX is opened together with a.o. the entrepreneurs of Burgs Foods and 2Tango who also participate in this new scale-up programme. Sander Peltenburg and George Brandenburg, founders of Burgs Foods, accelerate the food transition by making  delicious, healthy and sustainable cricket based food products. Tjerk Feitsma, founder of and brain behind 2Tango, develops a ‘neuro(a)typical translation computer’ to enable autistic children in using digital sign language that helps them communicate in other ways than spoken word.

As part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the ECE is the leading entrepreneurship centre of Europe. Fueled by the belief that entrepreneurship is the primary driver for innovation, ECE strives to embed entrepreneurship in the DNA of people and develop this entrepreneurial competence in students, entrepreneurs and employees of large, established organisations. More info: 

The Erasmus Trustfonds is supported partly by entrepreneurial alumni of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Part of the funds are reserved for stimulating entrepreneurship at the new generation. 
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