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Get indispensable knowledge about dealing with the challenges and opportunities of doing business with ADHD

The Netherlands has a large number of entrepreneurs with ADHD. A special brain as such provides unique opportunities but is also associated with specific challenges in successfully starting and running your own business. The course Entrepreneurship with ADHD deals extensively with these opportunities and challenges, lets you come into contact with other entrepreneurs, and offers knowledge and advice on both entrepreneurship and dealing with ADHD in this context. In an interactive programme, we encourage the process of awareness, acceptance, and adaptation of ADHD within various facets of entrepreneurship to increase the chances of success. The course is offered for and by entrepreneurs with ADHD and takes place in a safe learning environment that values and recognises neurodiversity.

For whom

Starting entrepreneurs with ADHD who are actively setting up their business or who want to do so in the short-term and have already developed an initial business idea.

Why would you follow this programme
  • Learn to recognise and acknowledge your unique opportunities, talents, and pitfalls, and how best to manage them to run a successful home-based business;
  • Encourage awareness, acceptance, and adaptation of specific ADHD traits in the context of your entrepreneurship;
  • Networking with other professionals with ADHD who, like you, are in the process of starting or running their own business;
  • The opportunity to exchange experiences with other entrepreneurs about unique opportunities and threats in entrepreneurship with ADHD;
  • Learn about the results of recent scientific research on doing business with ADHD.

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Myouska Zwijnenburg

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The programme consists of 5 session each focusing on a different topic:


Module 1: Kick-off – Entrepreneurship with ADHD

● Introduction

● Doing business with ADHD: Insights from science

● Guest speaker (Experienced entrepreneur with ADHD)

● Group discussion: Having a special brain


Module 2: Talents, pitfalls, opportunities & challenges in ADHD

● Self-analysis 1: Through a SWOT analysis you will gain insight into your talents and pitfalls. (Awareness)

● Self-analysis 2: How do your talents and pitfalls affect your entrepreneurship? (Recognition)

● Group discussion: Opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship with ADHD (Recognition)

● Effectuators roadmap (‘the five bold steps’): your own opportunities and challenges viewed in the context of the future vision for your company.


Module 3: Creativity with ADHD & your value proposition

● ADHD & creativity: how do you maximise your creativity?

● Design Thinking in a nutshell & group assignment.

● Identifying your ultimate target group (customer segment).

● Validating and testing your business idea (value proposition) in the group

● 1-on-1 mentoring


Module 4: Business Model

● Making a prototype (Minimum Viable Product) and testing it in the group

● Working out your business model using the Business Model Canvas (consisting of customer segment, value proposition, core activities, customer relationships, channels, key resources, key partners, cost & revenue structure)

● Home assignment: business model testing in the market


Module 5: Your Personal Learning Experience

● Serious Play

● Evaluation and Reflection

● Next Steps, Tips & Tricks

● Pitch training


Finale: pitch about you as entrepreneur and your company

The course is small-scale and interactive, providing ample room for interaction and discussion. Information is offered in both form and content in a way that facilitates learning, with an emphasis on variety. In addition, we try to keep the provision of information “short but sweet,” through goal-oriented work. Between sessions, participants are given home assignments that allow for immediate application of the material.

All sessions will take place at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam Science Tower, Marconistraat 16, 3029 AK Rotterdam.

Session 1: Thursday, March 16, 16h00-19h00.

Session 2: Thursday, March 23, 16h00-19h00.

Session 3: Thursday, March 30, 16h00-19h00.

Session 4: Thursday, April 13, 16h00-19h00.

Session 5: Thursday, April 20, 16h00-19h00.

The course is free when fully attended and completed by the candidate. That is, each candidate is asked to transfer 500 euros of tuition before the programme begins. Upon completion of the programme, this 500 euros will be refunded to you. If you do not complete the course, this amount will not be refunded. We do this partly to make sure that candidates are really motivated for the programme, and partly to make sure that everyone who starts, completes the course.

There is room for a maximum of 16 candidates in this part of the course. You can register via the link below. Based on this application, interested participants will be invited for an interview in which we will go into more depth about your personal challenges and what you would like to achieve with this course.

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Who you will meet 

Dr. Rene Bakker

Associate Professor Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Ingrid Verheul

Associate Professor Entrepreneurship

Annique de Greef

Head of Education

Myouska Zwijnenburg

Coordinator Entrepreneurship Unlimited (Onbeperkt Ondernemen)

Jip Dresia

Programme Manager Education

Robin Driessen

Project Coordinator Education

Hans van de Velde

Coach and founder of Equisto, Chair at Impuls & Woortblind

Frits van Noortwijk

Entrepreneur with ADHD & Coach

Bas van Eck

ECE Campus Manager