Supporting entrepreneurs from all walks of life

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is the entrepreneurship centre of Erasmus University Rotterdam, a university founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Every year, we train dozens of entrepreneurs. Throughout our programmes we help them start their companies and ultimately achieve and manage their high-growth phase. All programmes are based our academic research and practical insights into the success factors of fast-growing companies and innovative SMEs, including Top 250 ScaleupsScaleUp Dashboard and European ScaleUp Monitor.

Whether you are a scaleup, SME, startup or student entrepreneur, in the Netherlands as well as abroad, we offer you a programme that best suits your needs. Read more about our programme for entrepreneurs here below.

For SMEs & Scaleups

For entrepreneurs of fast-growing companies (scaleups) or with the ambition to boost the growth of their business, this portfolio of  programmes offers you the right tools to innovate your company, but also to achieve and manage a high-growth phase. 

These growth programmes build upon years of academic research and practical experience while investigating and closely working with top scaleups in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Join us to learn the secrets of their success and how to replicate it!

Our growth programmes

For startups

For the ambitious early-stage entrepreneur who wants to find their product-market fit and grow their startup, our startup programmes offer the perfect structure to master the entrepreneurship process and apply it to your startup idea, value proposition & business model!

Our startup programmes are based on years of academic and practical experience. Depending on the development phase of your startup, you can choose to join one (or more) of our startup programmes.

Our startup programmes

For internationals

For international entrepreneurs from outside the EU looking to launch their innovative startups in the Netherlands, we offer you the right facilities and guidance you need to establish and grow your business. 

Are you an international startup entrepreneur? Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is a recognized startup visa facilitator. With a startup visa, international startups have one year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands. 

Our Startup Visa Facilitator Programme

For students

For students who are excited and curious about entrepreneurship, our programmes and collaborations help you to kickstart your entrepreneurial career! 

Check out our Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme – a support programme for high-potential student entrepreneurs from Erasmus University Rotterdam – or the most entrepreneurial study association on campus: ECE students.

Our student programmes