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Entrepreneurial vs. Entrepreneurship Education at Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning 2018

7 November 2018

During the Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning entrepreneurship educators, program developers and teachers from all over the Netherlands come together to exchange knowledge and best practices. Facilitated by the Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship (DutchCE) this day is organized by educators for educators. ECE is proud to be the host for this year’s edition. Check out the full programme and register here.


The central theme for 2018 is about the different approach of entrepreneurial vs. entrepreneurship education and focuses on new didactics and tools to create an activating learning experience. As ECE we facilitate a workshop specifically on entrepreneurial competences, how to set the right learning goals and how we can optimize our entrepreneurial education accordingly.


The day consists of three interactive and practical workshops. In the first workshop, Thomas Lans from Wageningen University will discuss the design principles for the development of entrepreneurial competences. Thomas completed a review study on this subject for the National Education Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Together with programme developers and teachers he gives insights on how to implement these design principles into real life education.


Marleen Bax, Project Manager Higher Education at ECE, will deep dive into entrepreneurial learning goals. Together with the participants, they map and discuss different entrepreneurial learning goals and take a step forward in creating the best learning environment. The focus of this workshop is on how to create a more entrepreneurial education programme without learning activities that relate to starting a business.


Ruben Habraken, Startup Programme Manager at ECE, will examine current entrepreneurship programmes together with the participants to discuss the purpose of the programmes and discuss different methods used to teach about entrepreneurship with the goal to start a business.


Apart from activating workshops, the festival will also provide several inspiring speakers. Dr Magdalena Cholakova will speak about the role of goal setting in entrepreneurial learning. Farshida Zafar, Project Leader Education & Innovation at Erasmus University Rotterdam, will talk about her experience in making legal education more entrepreneurial. Ferdinand Jaspers will share his expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation. At the plenary closing, Gabi Kaffka from the University of Twente tells about her project in which the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development evaluates entrepreneurship education programmes with various partners from different countries.


We are looking forward to share experiences together and make a joint effort to optimize entrepreneurial education! Check out the full programme and register here.

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