Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship with TSEP

1 April 2019

In the last couple of years, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship noticed that entrepreneurship among students is on the rise. Unfortunately, student entrepreneurs have discovered that successfully combining studies and running a business can be challenging. Student entrepreneurs either spend less time on their startup or study resulting in dropouts or bankruptcy. Therefore, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Erasmus University Rotterdam offers personal guidance to help students maximise their business: the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme (TSEP).

What is TSEP?
Similar to support programmes for studens who are competitive athletes, the Talented Student Entrepreneur Programme (TSEP) assist high-potential student entrepreneurs from Erasmus University in combining their studies with establishing and running their businesses. In TSEP, participants have a personal study advisor to address aligning study duties and business obligations such as meeting investors or customers. The programme allows participants to organise their studies more flexibly according to their business needs, e.g. in terms of time schedules and class participation. This combination of education and entrepreneurship will produce better alumni that are strong entrepreneurs.

Former TSEP’ers Rick Scharnigg & Olivier Momma experienced the benefits of TSEP in combining their Smart Wallets company Ekster with a study at the Erasmus University:

“The best part of TSEP is that you don’t have to explain yourself every time you cannot make it to class. I can imagine that universities do not really believe every student that claims to run a company and in most cases would assume the student is lazy or creating excuses.”

A strict admission process guarantees the quality of the participants. Once accepted into the programme, participants are called “TSEP’ers” who can enjoy various benefits. For example, membership to our community, with support through workshops and a dedicated workspace.

Are you a student entrepreneur and looking for support in combining your study with a business? Read more about the application process on our TSEP page.

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