Encouraging innovation at Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

8 October 2019

Nowadays, innovation is becoming more and more important within the workfield. As Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, we see innovation as one of our main priorities. Therefore, we’re very proud to be a part of the Rotterdam Makers District, the biggest innovation area of Europe. Here, disused port areas are being transformed into real innovative ecosystems. Progressive institutions and organisations come together en connect with startups, incubators and business accelerators. The further development of the harbour area Merwe Vierhavens (M4H) in the Rotterdam Makers District did not go unnoticed, because the spatial framework is nominated for the ARC19 Urbanism Award!

An other way to promote Rotterdam’s innovation ecosystem are the Rotterdam Capital Days. From September 18 – 22, the second edition of Rotterdam Capital Days took place, organised by Up!Rotterdam. In collaboration with multiple innovation partners, the Rotterdam Capital Days promoted the entrepreneurial mentality of Rotterdam and was made possibly by all kinds of innovation partners from South Holland-region like ourself and BlueCity, CIC, InnovationQuarter and Rotterdam Partners. The Rotterdam Capital Days offers a variety of both publicly accessible and exclusive events; altogether covering the various phases of funding. At Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship we provided a workshop about testing testing the viability of business models and growth financing.

In general, Rotterdam is doing a really good job to becoming one of the most innovative cities of Europe. The European Commission recently declared Rotterdam as one of the six iCapital winners. This makes Rotterdam one of the top innovation cities in Europe. Here, citizens, entrepreneurs and students work together for new initiatives and solutions for the ‘new economy’. Everything is possible in Rotterdam, from a floating farm which is an educative centre at the same time (Floating Farm) to an old swimming pool which is now thé breeding groad for the ‘blue economy’ (Blue City).

We are very proud to support this mindset of Rotterdam, also through our executive education in innovation & entrepreneurships which is focused on turning innovation into impact in corporate and public organisations. Recently, three people completed all the modules of our programme. The complete Leading Innovation Excellence Programme aims to develop innovation professionals in their roles to build and maintain a sustainable corporate innovation and entreprenuerial capability. You can still follow in their footsteps and join the first programme. Here, you develop yourself with topics like how to create an innovation roadmap and the organisation and control of innovation processes.


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