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The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is the leading expertise centre for entrepreneurship in Europe. Fueled by our belief that entrepreneurship is the primary driver for innovation, we develop people and teams to master innovation within corporate organisations. We are part of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, one of the top 10 ranked European Business Schools.

We offer actionable training programmes to improve the innovation skills and leadership of people within corporate organisationsWe also offer a diploma programme, mini-MBA, to certify innovation professionals from organisations ranging from ING, DSM, Deutsche Bahn and Ministry of Defence to be a recognized innovation leader. 

Our programmes are based on the principles of experiential learning and consists of a dynamic mix of masterclasses, personal training modules, real-life cases and learning how to mastering the use of the latest innovation tools & technique to be able to drive innovation.

Master your innovation carreer

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Open Programmes

For individuals

Improve your innovation skills with our range of 3-day programmes. We offer programmes in innovation areas like: how to create an innovation roadmap, organise and control innovation processes, monitoring innovation progress, using the right tools & techniques and how to support colleagues yourself in innovating.

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Customised Programmes

For organisations

Our customised and in-house programmes will give teams in organisations the tools, knowledge, practical research and confidence to steer the process of innovation. The programmes are tailored to address the specific issues regarding the development of a high-performing innovation structure.  

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For innovation professionals

The mini-MBA: Leading Innovation Excellence is a 6 month certification programme to professionally facilitate innovation within organisations. The programme is design for innovation professionals that have the challenge to develop a high-performing innovation structure within their organisation. Convincing board level and coach effective entrepreneurial teams is where these ‘’innovation drivers’’ operate.

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Programme overview

Our three Essential innovation programmes

Corporate professionals
In our three day programme you learn how to strengthen your capability to improve and sustain innovation within your organisation. Programme includes personal leadership development and use of practical tools to not only innovate yourself more effectively, but support others to learn how to innovate.

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Public sector professionals
During a three day programme you learn how to strengthen your capability to improve and sustain innovation within your public organisation. Programme includes personal leadership and development skills to not only innovate yourself, but support others to learn how to innovate.

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Innovation and leadership in the legal sector
During a two day programme learn how to embrace innovation as a strategic theme for future growth. Through this programme you will be able to discuss the challenges faced by the legal sector and learn and employ design thinking and other innovation methodologies to address them.

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Advanced programmes

This programme provides you with the knowledge and the skills to drive your organization’s processes and governance system for innovation to a higher level.

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This programme provides you with the knowledge and the skills to drive your organization’s human resources for innovation to a higher level.

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This programme helps you improve your capability to develop and nurture human resources for innovation excellence.

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Basics: Innovation Tools & Techniques

2-day training for individuals 

Become comfortable with innovation tools, techniques, and methods to increase the impact of innovation projects in your organisation. Training includes improving the use of design thinking, ideation processes, rapid prototyping and designing your personal innovation roadmap.

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1-3 day training for teams 

Discover with your team or group the innovation process step-by-step and apply it to your own collaborative projects. Training focusses on value creation of projects and include ideation, problem-solution fit, prototyping, pitching and identifying a business model delta.

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Get certified with the Mini-MBA programme

Full programme

This programme is developed for innovation professionals who wish to improve and sustain the capacity of their organizations to innovate and grow; through its people, its processes and its values.

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Our team

Top academics and industry-leading practitioners as facilitators

In this programme Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship brings “Innovation Drivers” from different organisations together to get the most out of learning with and from each other. This learning is fueled by the latest hands-on insights from the world-class innovation and entrepreneurship research performed by professors from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and international partner universities. This programme is developed in collaboration with industry-leading innovation professionals from organisations such as DSM and ING.

Prof.dr. Justin Jansen

Academic Director

Dr. Ferdinand Jaspers

Programme Director

Angelique Plugge

Innovation Driver, ING

Ad van Dongen

Innovation Driver, ING
Develop your people and your organisation

Customised Programmes

We work with private and public sector organisations to develop and deliver custom-made programmes which focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Our executive programmes will give your company executives, managers and directors the tools, knowlegde, unique insights, practical research and confidece to steer the process of change, address specific strategic issues or simply develop a robust, resilient and high-performance management structure within your company.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our customised programmes and discover how they could make a difference to your workplace.

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