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The ECE Campus is seven floors and 10.000m² where you can rent an office or workspace. Here you’ll find an active community of ambitious entrepreneurs from over 100 innovative companies from all kinds of industries. You’ll be able to enjoy a stunning view of the port of Rotterdam while you work and wind down with a beer at our bar at the end of the week.

The perfect place to start & grow your business

What are my options?

Small Office

  • Range from 30 – 50m²
  • Suited for teams between 2 – 5 people
  • Prices start at € 600,00 excl. Dutch VAT per month
  • Include internet access, cleaning, use of the meeting rooms and more

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Medium Office

  • Range from 50 – 100m²
  • Suited for teams between 5 – 8 people
  • Prices start at € 1.350,00 excl. Dutch VAT per month
  • Include internet access, cleaning, use of the meeting rooms and more

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Large Office

  • Start at 100m² and above
  • Suited for teams of more than 8 people
  • Prices start at € 2.025,00 excl. Dutch VAT per month
  • Include internet access, cleaning, use of the meeting rooms and more

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Our community members

Meet your future neighbours

At our campus we accommodate 100+ companies of all shapes and sizes. We don’t focus specifically on a single industry; you will find a mix of companies with all kinds of backgrounds here. What they all have in common is their ambition and their desire for innovation and willingness to share their knowlegde. Are you curious to meet your future neighbours? Take a look at our community members.


What our community says

“The meeting rooms and large event rooms are an important plus of the ECE community. This is perfect for us.”

Michel Willems, Co-founder of H1 Webdevelopment & BimBimBikes

“There is the ECE Campus dynamic, professional atmosphere, but at the same time it feels informal with an inspiring culture among entrepreneurs.”

Yvonne Prince, Academic director of SEOR BV

“At ECE you have a flexible opportunity to grow. If I would need a bigger office today, I know that it can be arranged immediately.”

Marco den Hartog, Director and owner of Ondernemers voor Ondernemers

“The link with Erasmus University Rotterdam is an extra reason for me to stay here. The network that you can get here works well for the development of my business.”

Wesley dos Santos, Founder of iKapitein and Diversité Footwear

''The beauty of the campus is the transparency. There is a lot of flexibility about where you can sit or talk to your customers or to connect with your neighbour-entrepreneurs.''

Robert Leefmans, CEO of Notificare

'At ECE, you have the chance to be a startup but with the facilities of a big company like ING or CoolBlue. When I invite somewhere here for the first time, there is always something that is making them enthusiastic, like the view, Swing Room or the startup-wall.'

Dave Geerders, CMO of Slim Academy

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What our offices looks like

Frequently asked questions

How long is the shortest signing term?

The minimum signage term is 12 months.

What's included in the service package?

– Provisions (water, gas and electricity – without a final bill at the end of the year);
– Cleaning of the common areas (hallways and toilets)
– 24/7 access to the tower via access cards
– Reception or security between 06:30 and 22:15h
– Access to a mailbox
– Cleaning of the office (once a week)
– Use of the meeting rooms at the ECE Campus
– Internet access

Is parking included?

No, a parking spot costs €695 a year. But your guests are free!

Can I use all the facilities?

Yes, we have multiple meeting rooms available that can be booked through the internal booking system, which every member of the ECE Campus can access! Also, our Auditorium, Life Sciences and Health Hub and Small Lecture Room can be booked for you by our Campus Team

Can anyone rent an office at the ECE Campus?

No, we’re looking for starting companies who do business in an innovative, entrepreneurial and scalable manner. It’d be great if you can offer something to the community!

What is the price range?

Prices really depend on what size of office you are looking for. Our smallest office starts at €375 and prices can go up to €2700 a month. If you are a starting company, we also offer the possibility to rent an dedicated desk for €250 a month.

What more cool things do you have?

A VR-station, a ping-pong table, a football table, a slide, and of course, a view overlooking the harbour of Rotterdam on one side and city on the other side.

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