Erasmus Business Membership

Do you want to speed up the development of your startup? Interaction with fellow entrepreneurs? A dedicated workspace? The ECE Business Membership allows you to join our community for €250 (excl. VAT) and benefit from all the facilities while staying lean. Through the Erasmus Business Membership, you’ll be able to have a dedicated workspace and to attend workshops and accountability sessions every month. You can cancel your membership anytime or expand it with additional team members if you’d like to.

Fully enjoy the ECE Campus while staying lean

Why get an Erasmus Business Membership

Have Your Own Spot

Build your startup from a place other than your own home. As ECE Business Member you’ll also be able to use all our facilities to host your clients or organise your own event. Did we mention we also have a bar?

Stay Flexible

Enjoy the perks of our ECE Campus, without being stuck to a long-term contract. You can cancel your membership every month or add new team members for a reduced price.

Meet Fellow Entrepreneurs

Expand your network and be inspired by our other community members. The ECE Campus is home to ambitious entrepreneurs from over 100 innovative companies from all kinds of industries

Boost Your Startup

Do you want to innovate faster? The ECE Business Membership provides you monthly workshops of our partners and accountability sessions to keep your progress going.

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What the ECE Campus looks like

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more?

Is it possible to get an Erasmus Business Membership for more than 1 person?

Yes! It is possible to have an Erasmus Business membership with your team!

Do I have my own desk?

Yes, you will have a dedicated workspace in an office shared with other entrepreneurs!

Can I make use of the meeting rooms?

Yes, you can use the meeting rooms and book them through our online platform.

Are food and drinks included?

There’s free coffee and tea available. Daily lunch is available in the canteen on the 10th floor or you can bring your own lunch.

Is there a period of notice?

Yes, 1 month in advance.

Are parking spots included?

No, but they can be added for €55 a month!

Can I only follow the workshops and accountability sessions?

Yes, if you don’t need a workplace, you can follow the workshops and accountability sessions for only €100

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Interested to know more?

Curious to learn more about the Erasmus Business Membership?

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Phone: 010-740 23 33

Jip Dresia

Programme Manager