ECE Campus: the most entrepreneurial university Campus!

27 September 2018

After a fantastic first semester, we worked all summer long to implement developments in the ECE Campus.


A quarter full of entrepreneurial education

In the third quarter we received more than 4,000 visitors at the ECE Campus. More than 1,500 guests were students from, among others, our own Erasmus University and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. They follow the Entrepreneurship minor, the Opportunity Creation master’s degree, or take part in the Entrepreneurial Challenge, a course in which students have to come up with their own innovation in a short period of time.



Opening new innovative floor!

We’ve also opened the 6th floor which is now fully occupied by various innovative start-ups, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Get in the Ring. We also created a place for flex workers on this floor.


Entrepreneurial autumn

We look forward to the coming months in which we can host many more innovative and inspiring events. For example, the Festival for Entrepreneurial Learning will take place on the 14th of November, the Health Innovation Challenge will take place on the 15th November, and on the 13th of December we will be able to welcome the guests of the ‘Netwerk Ontbijt Zorg innovatie’ again. All these activities make us the entrepreneurial university campus.


Do you want to organize an event or an entrepreneurial/educational programme at the most entrepreneurial university campus? Let us know! 



The Life, Sciences & Health floor fully occupied

In addition to all students, we have received over 2,500 guests for events focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and Life, Sciences & Health. For example, on 13th of September the ‘Netwerk Ontbijt Zorg Innovatie’ took place with the theme ‘M-Health in 2010 – De Digitale Poli’. Annet Spijker, Director of Healthcare PsyQ Parnassia, investigated the role of the digital clinic, as well as the affordability of the digital clinic. In addition, a patient was welcomed on stage to speak about her experiences. On 26 September, we received more than 100 employees from various educational and healthcare institutions in the Rotterdam region during the ‘Leven Lang Leren’ conference. It is a conference organized by the RotterdamseZorg and Zorgpact Rotterdam, where on the basis of measurements and prognoses 25 healthcare employers with links to municipality and education will assess what is needed at the moment: more intake and training capacity, fewer drop-outs at the programs and more and better training opportunities.




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