Discuss new legal thinking together with young professionals and startups

3 June 2019

On the 4th of July, former prime minister and professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam prof. Jan Peter Balkenende will give a presentation about the statements of the 21st century and will challenge us to think abounew legal thinking. Together with different young professional organisations and start-ups from Rotterdam he will give a reading about current issues and what is needed to solve them.  

Transition needs new legal thinking 

The transition to a digital world provides opportunities and contributes to solving the current issues about boundaries and possibilities. Different perspectives are changing quickly and need to be discussed again soon, with an open mind. A transition simply asks for new laws and agreements. 

Are you ready for transition? 

As startup facilitator for innovative startup entrepreneurs, we are happy to contribute to this initiative. We see the impact of new technologies on a daily basis, not only for consumers but especially for the innovative startups in our network. We are now in a period of unprecedented innovation and development across a wide range of sectors. Many of the new technologies are so novel that is unclear how existing regulations systems will manage them. Regulators needs to ensure new technologies can be deployed in safe and meaningful ways, but this often slows the speed with which a new technology can come to market.  

We invite you to be inspired 

We’d like to invite young professionals and start-up from Rotterdam to contribute their ideas during panel discussions at the symposium. Our director, Martin Luxemburg, will join this paneldiscuss what NEW legal thinking means for entrepreneurship. Questions that will be answered are, amongst others:  

  • What are the consequences of the transition to a digital world? 
  • How affordable is the energy transition? 
  • What influence does technology have on our employment opportunities? 

See the full programme on the website of Erasmus University Rotterdam and register for ‘Transition needs new legal thinking’ today  



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