Director Martin Luxemburg talks on BNR Radio about the role of external advisors in relation to the growth of companies

9 April 2019

This morning, Martin Luxemburg, director of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, talked about the growing demand for external advisors to support organisations in their growth. The number of consultancies increased by almost a quarter in five years, according to an analysis by BNR based on CBS figures.

Martin: “The economy and markets are changing rapidly. Companies are struggling to keep up with the market. They don’t always have employees with the skills to cope with this change within the organisation and therefore use the support of external advisors.”

Empower your people to maintain growth
In the radio broadcast, Martin refers to our scale-up research. According to our research, still half of the SMEs are not growing, so organisations struggle to take the steps to growth. Ultimately, a company should be able to do this with their own staff members. The first step is to educate and train people internally. This is essential to maintain growth.

Scale-up Research
Scale-ups are vital for job creation and the transformation of economies. By leveraging new technologies, redefining organisational boundaries, and developing new and scalable business models, scale-ups feed and draw upon regional ecosystems in terms of talent, capital, institutions, and other businesses. Yet, leading scale-ups is not easy and engaging in rapid growth over time poses specific challenges and inherent uncertainties that are quite different from those faced by startups or established organizations

Data and insights about scale-ups are therefore crucial. Our Scale-up Dashboard is an annual research that answers various questions surrounding the phenomenon of scale-ups. Why do some startups develop into scale-ups and others not? Which factors are indicative of successful fast-growing organisations and which barriers of expansion exist? Discover the success-indicators of scale-up prosperity in our Scale-up Dashboard.

Listen back to the broadcast here (in Dutch):

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