Cosmetics brand Rituals created most jobs

23 January 2017

Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 of the Netherlands

Rituals, founded in 2000, is no. 1 on the list of the Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 (Top 250 Groeibedrijven 2017) of the Netherlands, that is presented earlier today by Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE), Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and nlgroeit in presence ofo Queen Máxima. The cosmetics brand Rituals created 1,097 new jobs in the period 2012-2016. All together the research shows that the 250 companies in this list created over 10,000 jobs!

The Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 shows Dutch companies that have realized the biggest growth in the period 2012-2016 and for which the Top 10 is ranked based on the number of newly created jobs in terms of FTE (Full-Time Equivalent). The Top 250 Scale-ups 2017 (Top 250 Groeibedrijven 2017) is based on our ScaleUp Dashboard, which is an annual research into Dutch scale-ups conducted by our Academic Director and Professor Corporate Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Prof. dr. Justin Jansen:

“The ScaleUp Dashboard is the first list that truly takes into account and measures all companies in the Netherlands with more than 10 FTE. There are more lists about scale-ups available, but those give limited insights because companies have to register themselves or the lists are focused on specific sectors. Insight in which companies truly belong to the Top of scale-ups is missing and that is what we hope to achieve by creating and launching this Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) – of over 3000 scale-ups – in the Netherlands.”

2017 is the first year that the Top 250 Scale-ups (Top 250 Groeibedrijven) is published and it is launched together with nlgroeit in presence of Queen Máxima earlier today. It is an overview of companies that are economically active on January 1st, 2012, with a minimum of 10 FTE and/or to €5 million in revenue. In three consecutive years the company needed to grow with a minimum of 20% each year in revenue and/or FTE.

Rituals is no. 1 on this new list. Founder and CEO Raymond Cloosterman (alumnus Erasmus University Rotterdam) saw his company grow to more than 500 stores globally. Cloosterman regarding the first place: “We are honored with this title. It never was a goal in itself to grow this much, but it is a beautiful reward for the brand Rituals and the passionate people that work for it 24/7. At this moment in time we are opening 2 to 3 stores every week globally and the Rituals family grows in high speed. In the past year we hired and trained another 2400 nice people.”

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Second place goes to Royal Reesink that is responsible for creating 906 jobs in 2012-2016. Royal Reesink was originally founded as a forge in 1786, but nowadays it is a wholesale business in a.o. agriculture equipment, hand tools, household appliances and garden furniture. Third on the list is Coolblue that was founded in 1999 by student entrepreneur Pieter Zwart (alumnus Erasmus University Rotterdam) as webshop and grew to over 323 online shops and 8 physical stores. Nett job creation: 456.

View the Top 250 Scale-Ups 2017 here:

Discover Scale-ups In Your Region Or Sector

The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship also conducts research on scale-ups on a regional level, on commission for organizations such as the Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (BOM), Innovation Quarter (IQ) and the city of Rotterdam. The insights help them discover how many scale-ups their region has and how to best support and promote their growth, thereby creating new jobs in the regional economy.

Also for non-governmental and commercial organisations, our database and studies can be adapted to region or sector, reveiling all companies with a reliable 3-year top growth record. More information can be found here.

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