Corporate Entrepreneur-ship Scan

The biggest challenge for today’s organisations is to balance the execution of their current business model (exploitation) and the search for new business models (exploration). This balance is called ambidexterity. Research shows that a crucial precondition for becoming an ambidextrous organization is that an organization is also an entrepreneurial one.

The Corporate Entrepreneurship Scan helps you discover how ambidextrous and entrepreneurial your organization is and gives you actionable insights on how and where to improve. The scan uses an integral perspective on corporate entrepreneurship, combining the latest academic insights from various disciplines to review the different elements of how your firm organizes and executes continuous innovation.

Key benefits

Discover how to improve your firm’s ability to renew and grow

Measure Current Performance

Remove the guesswork and truly discover how your organization is currently performing when it comes to continuous innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Get Actionable Insights

Receive real, actionable insights you can start implementing straight away and support with that implementation if you so desire.

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Backed by Science

Our research team consists of some of the leading scholars in various disciplines and the team is always hand-picked based on your firm’s needs.

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Learn more about the corporate entrepreneurship scan and the benefits it can bring for you and your organization by downloading the brochure below. For any questions, feel free to contact us directly through the contact details listed at the end of this page.

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