Community Members

Meet your future neighbours
At our campus we accommodate 100+ companies of all shapes and sizes. We don’t focus specifically on a single industry; you will find a mix of companies with all kinds of backgrounds here. What they all have in common is their ambition and their desire for innovation and willingness to share their knowlegde. Are you curious to meet your future neighbours? Take a look at our community members:


Founding date: 2015Founder: Jan Borghuis, Gijs van LookerenVisit website


Founding date: 2017Founder: Jonathan StrandersVisit website

InnoSpace B.V.

Founding date: 2013Founder: Murat DurkutVisit website

Nationale Notaris

Founding date: 2012Founder: Erasmo SignoreVisit website

The Green Branch

Founding date: 2019Founder: Kasper Kupperman, Jacob HietinkVisit website

StapelFinancieringen B.V.

Founding date: 2016Founder: Alex van KempenVisit website

De Rotterdamse Zorg

Founding date: 2012Founder: Jacqueline StuurstraatVisit website


Founding date: 2013Founder: Reinout Engelberts, Irek KarkowskiVisit website

UC Group

Founding date: 2013Founder: Pascal van Beek, Wilbert StoutjesdijkVisit website


Founding date: 2012Visit website


Founding date: 2012Founder: Joel Oliveira, Joris Verbogt, Robert LeefmansVisit website

H1 Webdevelopment

Founding date: 2006Founder: Michel Willems, Harm WolterinkVisit website

Connect op Maat

Founding date: 2016Founder: Jasper BringskenVisit website


Founding date: 2019Founder: Valentijn SmitVisit website

Get Focus B.V.

Founding date: 2019Founder: Jard van Ingen, Thijs van de PollVisit website


Founding date: 2003Founder: Robert WaterreusVisit website

PXL Chemicals

Visit website

Cleantech Delta

Founding date: 2015Founder: F.A.T. van Beuningen


Founding date: 2014Founder: Wouter Steutel, Martijn de GrootVisit website


Founding date: 2017Founder: Fenna ZandvlietVisit website


Founding date: 2017Founder: Wesley dos SantosVisit website


Founding date: 2005Founder: Marco den HartogVisit website

UpTop Creative Agency

Founding date: 2015Founder: Bjørn BekkersVisit website

Founding date: 2016Founder: Maurice van der SpekVisit website


Founding date: 2009Founder: Roel ReddingiusVisit website

Slim Academy

Founding date: 1994Visit website

Construction Synergy

Founding date: 2014Founder: David Hinterberger, Klaus RatgersVisit website


Founding date: 2018Founder: Wouter GroenVisit website

ICOS Capital Management

Founding date: 2005Founder: Peter van GelderenVisit website


Founding date: 1987Founder: Ad HoogstederVisit website


Founding date: 2017Founder: Ogylive MakovaVisit website