How the Top 250 scale-ups cope with the corona crisis

Posted on 14 May 2020

Known for our open culture and strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, the Netherlands scores as one of Europe’s top scale-up nations. However, the measures taken to restrict the spreading of the coronavirus in the Netherlands have led to a drop in sales…

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Local government strategy in times of crisis: research strengthens recovery

Posted on 29 April 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has a major impact on the Dutch economy. The government has drawn up a number of exceptional...

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Managing innovation talent & teams in challenging times

Posted on 28 April 2020

Precautions taken to combat corona have led to an immense impact on business activities. Innovators and innovation teams are also...

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Managing your innovation portfolio in times of disruption

Posted on 20 April 2020

On Friday the 17th of April, we organised a free webinar about ‘Innovation Portfolio management in times of disruption’, led...

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How to create new business opportunities during the coronavirus downturn

Posted on 14 April 2020

On Friday the 10th of April, we hosted a free webinar that discussed how to create new business opportunities during...

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