24 Hour Business Game

11 May 2015

Business never sleeps!

The 24 Hour Business Game is a start-up marathon in which over 60 students will be competing for 24 hours in a row to create the best business plan. The event is a trademark event of ECE Students: a bright, ambitious and entrepreneurial-driven student association, that wants to support entrepreneurs. The contestants will get a chance to push themselves to the limit and teams will be guided through the main stages of a start-up so that they can create, enhance and operationalize their business plan in just 24 hours. To join the 24HBG students first have to participate in the 6HBG either in Amsterdam (31st of March) or Rotterdam (12th of April).

How will the 24 hours be spent?

With every business unique problems arise, therefore ECE Students provide the contestants with solutions through consulting sessions, business workshops and inspirational lectures. Many informative sessions about product development, financial structure and value proposition will be held during the daytime. There will also be personal working time with the assistance of the IT and marketing teams from ECE Students and several entrepreneurs, as well as some recreational activities and fun games to keep energy levels high. In just 24 hours, business ideas will be transformed from concept into reality.

The event will kick off on the 19th of May with motivational talks after which students start working and peak with the grand final on the 20th. The 24HBG is taking place at the heart of entrepreneurial activity in The Netherlands, the ECE Campus in the Rotterdam Science Towers.

Who can join?

The target group for the 24 Hour Business Game are students from all fields and universities or hogeschools and study phases. The deadline to sign up for the 6HBG in Amsterdam and Rotterdam are the 23rd of March and the 1st of April, respectively.

All you need is an idea, nothing big, nothing planned out yet. For signing up and more information go to our website:

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